• Samantha Conn
Hi loves! 
Now that summer is in full bloom I'm sure many of you have been taking advantage of this time to get in your traveling. Over the weekend I took an amazing trip to Steamboat, CO and wanted to share some of my traveling tips essentials that can make the actual traveling part a little more enjoyable.
1. Tea: One thing I love to do is have tea with me on the plane. Especially if you are on a long flight, enjoying a hot cup of tea can really calm you down and get you into a somewhat meditative state. There are so many aspects of drinking a cup of tea that we normally on our daily hustle and bustle don't notice. When drinking tea, and I mean really drinking tea, it's a full experience that stimulates all your senses. The smell and aroma of the tea - is it earthy, fruity, sweet, bitter? Can you feel the steam from the cup? How does the tea feel as your lips hit the cup and the warm liquid settles in your belly. It's something I truly enjoy taking a moment to pause and completely be in the moment. 
2. Moisturize: The second thing is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Before getting on the plane, while on the plane and when you get off the plane! (ok maybe not that much) but really! Our skin really takes a toll when traveling and especially in the air. It's such strong breeding grounds for dehydration for your body and skin. I always take on with me a strong facial moisturizer or oil, Chapstick, and a small rose water spray for a light refresher. 
3. Nutrition: I find a lot of the time when traveling or in air, snacks are always a "go-to" to pass time with. I always like to be prepared, and knowing this allows you time to pack a bag with some healthy (but still yummy!) goodies that you can enjoy and eat without feeling sluggish after or being harmful to your body. Some of my favorite snacks are a good trail mix with either yogurt chips or dark chocolate added, all natural dried fruit/banana chips, apples ( definitely an easy fruit to throw in your bag and enjoy without getting messy), kale or pop chips, and some small almond butter packs that you can throw and enjoy on anything! 
These are just some of the tips that came to mind when traveling this weekend and definitely made a difference in my trip! Do you have any special travel tricks that help you out??
(here are some pictures from my little getaway)
  • Samantha Conn