• Luna Skye
There is so much emphasis and time spent working on our outside selves. We are taught and believed to think that our "life's worth" is based upon our job titles, or achievements in life. We are constantly feeding our need to strive for a better body, career, relationship...etc that we often overlook the part of ourselves that need the most nourishment and self love - our inner selves... our spirit.
Your spirit is who you fundamentally are regardless of the social masks we wear - It is always present and always there, even when you are not paying attention to it. Your spirit inherently makes you who you are no matter what happens in the exterior world around you - it makes you a divine energy, valuable, beautiful and worth while. We ALL have one. It is so important to understand this and to nurture your spirt as you do with all other aspects of your life.
When you allow your spirit to show and really truly listen to it, things start to fall into place and become easier. Life is hard - there are going to be challenges and obstacles no matter what stage you are in your life, but I promise you listening to your spirit and really feeding it as you do with everything else will start to change your world and perspective around it. You gain a stronger understanding of your intuition, believing in the choices you make without self doubt. You allow yourself to join in the rhythm of "flow" and really lose yourself in the things you love; mediation, dance, art, running, relationship, writing...etc. You begin to feel weightless, a feeling of freedom - that you are no longer imprisoned by negative thought or overwhelming work. The universe and your spirit are aligned - they work together. 
You see and meet people constantly who seem to just "have it easy." A natural glow is always surrounding them and they always seem up. They don't have it easier, and they DO have the same problems you do, they just handle and face life differently. The more combative and aggressive you are with fighting your spirit and fighting the world around you the harder life is going to be. I know this to be true from personal experience, and it has truly more than anything changed my life. Regardless of the people or circumstance around you your spirit cannot be harmed by words or situation; that is your ego. 
We all have a reason and a unique gift to offer the world. You, yourself make the world a better place. By realizing this and tapping into that part of your even for just a small amount each day your life and energy will improve in so many beautiful ways. 
  • Luna Skye