• Samantha Conn

Can you believe it is already the end of the year? December snuck up way too fast on us! I’m still stuffed from all the turkey, pumpkin pie and copious amounts of wine that comes along with Thanksgiving, only to get geared up for the next round of holidays!  I hope each of you enjoyed time with your family and friends :).   

The holiday’s always give us a friendly reminder to be thankful for the amazing people that surround us.  I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for all your support these past few years. Without you, I would not be able to dedicate my life to what I love best, creating.

As we gear up for the gift giving season, the stress of trying to find the perfect present for all of those wonderful people in your life is in full effect. We call these people in our lives ‘our gems’; our beautiful friends and family who deserve the world and the pretty things that live in it.  My gems differ in style and personality, but they all share a love for diamonds… and lets be real, who doesn’t?

As a gift guide, we’ve picked a few pieces that would be perfect for the gems in YOUR life.  I have curated these pieces just for those people that deserve a little sparkle in their lives.  Whether they are going through a breakup, just got a new awesome job, or you just want to show some love, they deserve the best!

We hope that you and yours...friends near and far, have an amazing holiday season. Get all of your gems together and toast to a season of joy and sparkle! 

Below is our gift guide for you and yours. #mygems

What are you gifting?


Your Bestie: Because you are lucky to have her in your life

14kt gold and diamond white topaz dagger drip necklace / 14kt rose gold and rose cut black diamond starburst necklace

She is always down for a good time.

14kt gold and diamond buddha leaf necklace / 14kt gold diamond dipped bone necklace

Your Mom: Your Rock. Always there when you need her.

14kt gold and diamond free form moonstone necklace / 14kt gold and diamond topaz teardrop necklace

She knows you better than you know yourself.   

14kt gold and diamond free form opal studs / 14kt rose gold and rose cut raw diamond starburst necklace

Your Girlfriend: She’s perfect in every way

14kt gold and diamond morganite teardrop necklace /14kt gold and diamond Cosmic Constellation band

You love her to the moon and back

14kt gold and diamond Double Band Moonstone Hex ring / 14kt gold and diamond Crescent Moon necklace




  • Samantha Conn