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More IS More

Ever see those girls who seem to wear their layers or stacked rings so effortlessly? And wonder how it all just comes together so perfectly? I wholeheartedly believe jewelry truly illuminates your personal style. Anyone can pick up an outfit or certain top, but it really individualizes your unique style to accessorize and load up on your jewelry.


Here are some quick tips of the trade to make the most out of your jewels! 


#1 Length Matters: If you’re looking to sparkle up a casual outfit you can do so by layering different length necklaces. We’ve made it easy for you by making each of our necklaces with an adjustable chain length (either 16”-18” or 14”-16”).  Let one necklace grace your collarbone, another about an inch further and let the longest necklace fall just below.  Feel free to combine different colors and styles as well. It shows creativity!


#2 Mix & Match Gemstones: You can easily add edge to any look, by mixing gemstones together.  Wear a simple diamond necklace (or topaz or sapphire! Anything with a muted or white color will work) and layer with another gemstone; emerald, ruby, onyx, moonstone, labradorite…etc.  Don’t be afraid to mix things up! In this case, more IS more.


Five Bezel Diamond Row Necklace 

with either/and

* Free Form Moonstone Necklace

Watermelon Tourmaline Butterfly Necklace 

* Watermelon Tourmaline Diamond Claw Necklace 

Petite Triangle Labradorite Necklace 

  #3 Dainty Layers: Mixing multiple delicate necklaces around your neck is fun and flirty.  Let them intertwine and sit just below your collarbone.  Place each pendant about an inch from one another so each one gets to shine. Layering our drips is also an easy go-to, and always guaranteed for endless compliments.


Sapphire Drip Necklace 

Rose Cut Black Diamond Starburst Necklace 

Moonstone Drip Choker 

Mini Onyx and Diamond Necklace 





 #1 The “Power Stack”: Layering multiple rings on one finger (we like the index finger) is a powerful and easy move.  Layer a gemstone ring, with a few simple diamond bezel rings and a solid band just to name a few!  Make sure to keep the layering just below the knuckle.  After all, functionality is always key. You can also never go wrong (with our personal favorite) layering signet and thick gold band rings... Stack ‘em up!


* Cosmo Band

* Queen of Cosmos Band

* Vintage Starburst Signet Ring

* Vintage Monogram Signet Ring


 #2 Mix Metals:  How do you choose between color golds?  You don’t...you choose all! Mixing metals is an effortlessly cool way to show off all your jewels.  We love to mix gold with rose gold for a shimmery sun-kissed looked. 

#3 Keep it Thin:  Spread the love to four of your fingers and place a thin ring around each digit.  Keep the type of metal consistent.  Whether you choose yellow, white or rose gold you are sure to show your edgy side with this multi-ring look.  


* Diamond Baguette Ring

* Quater Diamond Ring

* Medium Bezel Ballerina Band

* Reverse Diamond Ring




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