• LS GIVEAWAY 1.11.16!!
  • Luna Skye
LS GIVEAWAY 1.11.16!!

Hi loves!

In honor of the upcoming New Year ahead of us, and all the love that we have for you and your support, we decided to do our first LS GIVEAWAY!!!

We want to challenge each of you to take a moment out of your busy and demanding schedules to pause and reflect. Post a photo of your FAVORITE LS piece/picture to your Instagram with these three things in the caption:

  1. Something that you did for someone else that did NOT benefit you in anyway (other than your good karma points!)
  2. Something you are grateful for (can be as simple as blue sunny skies, your best friend, that delicious cookie you had today…etc)
  3. One personal accomplishment you had today (this also can also be as small as getting to work or your appointment on time, finally cleaning out your closet, landing a business deal, drinking enough water for the day….etc.)
** Tag #LSGIVEAWAY2016” in caption - this will be the only way for us to find you + make sure your profile isn't private! **
** Bonus points if you like Luna Skye on Pinterest + Facebook too!  

These three things seem small but really are what add to our inner being and light. Like a rosebud shares its’ beauty and fragrance with the world, we too share our beauty when we are feeling most prosperous within ourselves...and what better way to start off a fresh New Year?!
These are the things that we do inside ourselves that radiate outwards. We are so often told that external actions will make us happy, but that is so often not that case (and yes we know buying those new shoes DID feel really good).
I promise you these simple and small daily thoughts and actions make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself and in return about others.  It aids your personal health and happiness to be conscious of your accomplishments both big and small on a daily basis.  
Once you all have submitted your favorite LS piece and personal reflections, we will pick a winner at the end of the week, on Friday 1.15.16,  who will win a one-of-a-kind custom moonstone and diamond necklace.
We hope this brings a smile to your face and to a lucky winner some diamonds and moonstones too :)
Good luck to each of you!!
We LOVE you all!!
Sam + the LS team
  • Luna Skye