• Everything You Need To Know About Signet Rings 101
  • Alyssa Mason
Everything You Need To Know About Signet Rings 101

We all know here at LS, we love a good signet ring, but we wanted to dive further into a little bit of background in why these golden gems are more than just a statement piece. What really makes signets have that antique, sophisticated, chic vintage feel? Whether you dress them up in diamonds, or wear a solid gold piece, there's no denying when wearing one you feel like the boss goddess you are. 




Signet rings date back to ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt.  They were typically made entirely of gold or featured carved gemstones and were used as seals.  Similar to how a signature is used today, Signet rings were used to leave your mark and create a seal of authenticity.  Each signet was made for the person wearing it, providing a sense of ownership once a letter was sealed.


Wax was heated and poured onto the document or letter and the signet ring was placed firmly from top to bottom to create the imprint.  This left a permanent mark of approval.  

During the late 19th Century, these rings became known more as a status symbol and less of a legal mark.  They would often have gemstones and initials marked into the gold.  This interpretation has stayed within modern times and today, many engrave signet rings with personal initials, initials of loved ones or even birthstones.  By doing so, it gives a very personalized touch, creating heirlooms and memories that will stay within your family for generations to come.  


They have long been adorned by the fingers of Egyptian queens and now by you.  We love to wear our signet rings on our pinky finger, allowing the ring to shine as a statement piece on it’s own.  If the pinky finger is not really your thing, you can also wear a signet on really ANY finger. Stacking simple layered rings on the index and middle finger can gracefully highlight your signet ring, allowing for the signet to be on display.  It’s a very versatile piece that can be worn alone or with others. Definitely one of those pieces that can be filed under your “Never Take Off ” set.  


  • Alyssa Mason