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Rose Cut Diamonds?!
Hi loves!
So as you have probably noticed, we use a lot of rose cut diamonds throughout our collection. Many of you have asked us what the difference is between rose cut and brilliant (or any other standard cut) diamond. You know you like the way it looks, but don't necessary know what it means... so we've done a breakdown for you, on a brief history on where rose cut diamonds came from, and what that exactly means. 
Rose cut diamonds date all the way about to the early 1500’s. The stones are cut in a way where they resemble the spiraling petals of a rose. They are cut flat on the bottom, creating a larger surface area for the stones to sparkle. This is why you really see such brilliance from a rose cut diamond.
They were traditionally used in engagement rings because of the unique symbolism. The rose cut ring was worn on the third finger of the left hand because of the vein that ran through the ring finger (the vena amoris), and was thought to run directly to the heart.
Rose cut diamonds became especially popular during the 17th century, as the Baroque Era came about and demanded a more sparkly design; something that shined brilliantly through the candlelit dinners.
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