Luna Skye by Samantha Conn is an LA based, fine jewelry line by Samantha Conn.  Much of the inspiration behind the collection has been drawn from natural materials; using gemstones and crystals throughout the collection. “I always loved the way a piece of jewelry could really make a women feel beautiful - the confidence a certain allure that came from those pieces. I wanted to harness that into my designs. Pieces that are meant to be worn everyday and not just on special occasions.  

   I was always really drawn to the hospitality industry - I loved making people feel taken care of and the idea that you had the abilities to cultivate and shape someone's experience and feeling.

 With that came a love for design. I always loved how the way a new piece of jewelry could make a women feel beautiful and confident. I want to make each woman wearing a piece of Luna Skye feel this..not just on special occasions but everyday. To feel like they are "taken care of." We as women, are all one of a kind, and something as personal as jewelry should reflect that. That's why I designed my line to be delicate, yet strong...pieces that become second skin."