Luna Skye by Samantha Conn is an LA based, fine jewelry line by Samantha Conn. Crystals and gemstones, along with her love for the ocean have always been close to her heart, and have been much of the inspiration behind her line. She really wanted to harness the feeling of the raw beauty of the earth into her pieces, making each one feel and take on their own energy.

The name Luna Skye emerged from an early romance with the moon.  Believing that our ties to the moon are strong - its positive energy has helped her through difficult times, flushing out negative energy and influencing both emotions and spiritual growth. Along with the moon, she fully believes in the healing powers of gemstones and crystal, incorporating them into her pieces. 


   "I was always really drawn to the hospitality industry - I loved making people feel taken care of and the idea that you had the abilities to cultivate and shape someone's experience and feeling.

 With that came a love for design and jewelry. I always loved the way a new piece of jewelry could really make a women feel special and beautiful - the confidence and certain allure that came from these special pieces. I wanted to take that feeling and harness it into my designs. I want to make each woman wearing a piece of Luna Skye feel special and beautiful...not just on special occasions but everyday. To feel like they are "taken care of." I truly feel we as women, are one of a kind, and something as personal as jewelry should reflect that. That's why I designed my line to be delicate, yet strong...Pieces that become like your second skin. Pieces that women can wear day-to-day, illuminating their own natural inner beauty and spirit."