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Luna Skye by Samantha Conn is an LA based handcrafted, fine jewelry line. Starting her collection at age twenty, much if the inspiration behind her line has been drawn from natural materials, using gemstones and crystals throughout the collection.

“The name Luna Skye came very organically, as I’ve always been so inspired by the moon, and using much of that love throughout our pieces. It’s something my father and I always shared growing up. He always told me that no matter where we are in the world, as long as we look at the moon we will be connected. That stayed ingrained in me and knew it was something I wanted to harness into the line. “

“At the time, I was really looking for good-quality, staple pieces that felt unique to me. I wanted to be able to put together different sets of pieces that felt like an extension of me and not just on trend with what everyone was wearing. I knew how the right piece of jewelry made me feel and wanted to translate that across my line for other women. We want our women to feel confident and powerful; like they are capable of taking on anything and doing everything they want…because they are! Jewelry is an extension of love, and gifting that to someone reminds them of that every day, and every time they wear it. Their own personal love token.”

Samantha has designed her collection to become a second skin, pieces you’ll never want to take off, and will pass down along the way; harnessing your own energy into each piece and of course, feeling the love that went into making them.

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