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14kt gold and diamond Lusia ring

14kt gold and diamond Lusia ring

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14kt gold Lusia ring with white diamonds

**available with black diamonds 

The name "Lusia,"  was inspired by the book "The Alchemist," by Paulo Coelho. The story begins in a small southern area of Spain called Andalusia, where the main character Santiago is from. One of the many themes throughout this book is man's spiritual unity with nature and the universe - and that when utilizing this anyone is capable of achieving his or her "Personal Legend," or ultimate desire. There is such a strong sense that everything in the world is connected by one common language - that nature and other animals can all communicate, and rely on each other..."Everything from a grain of sand to god himself shares the same spiritual essence."  
I wanted to create and design a piece that reflected these ideas. The structure of the Lusia ring is a bypass, with an open center. Symbolizing the connection between nature and man. I created this ring with the idea that there is always something that, we as humans, can feel connected to. To me, this is nature but I want whoever wears this ring to use their own connection or whatever it is they feel close to...x
-Samantha Conn
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