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14kt gold and diamond opal butterfly necklace

14kt gold and diamond opal butterfly necklace

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14kt gold and diamond opal butterfly necklace on adjustable 16 - 18 inch chain 

*about 1 inch

*total diamond weight: .25ct

*total opal weight:  2ct

In the presence of butterflies, magic thrives.

From the way they move, to the way they look and feel, butterflies have an innately magical vibe to them. They are the true symbol of transformation, and growth.

If you are drawn to the butterfly, pay attention to the areas in your life or personality that are in need of change or transformation.A reminder to fly to free yourself from what binds you and holds you back.


Opal is a stone of inspiration, enhancing imagination and creativity. It has a larger proportion of water in it than most stones and is considered a water stone. This can help ease the effort of handling change in life. Like water rolls over and past rocks and roots in its way, the energy of opal can help continue on your path regardless of obstacles. 

Each piece is made with all natural stone and will vary slightly in color and translucency from piece to piece.
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